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Power Noise / Industrial / Power Electronics
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From within the darkest regions of the heart, insane exultations to soft skin are screamed out through barriers of clotted blood and white noise, as once more, the thin line between obsession and devotion is crossed. Originally conceived as a companion to "Pure Skin", this collection of 14 feverishly-deranged love songs heralding the coming end of an era. Where "Pure Skin" was in large part a collection of previously released rare tracks, "VTERVS" is the first all-new full-length album from Power Electronics / Industrial Noise act NTT in three years, and the first of the final four releases by the project. "VTERVS" features collaborative input from Cloama, SKM-ETR, and Silent_Command, as well as stalwart NTT personnel Mark Kammerbauer (Fragment King), Matt Slagle, and recent addition to the NTT war machine, Fallon Nieves (Covet). Ltd x 1000 copies in a stunning digipak with pictures of naked ladies.

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