PAL ASLE PETTERSEN - 'Komposisjoner 2005-2008' CD

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Electro-Acoustic / Experimental
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A compilation of Pettersen's electro-acoustic compositions executed within that four year span. "Each work is put together from processed field recordings and tapes of his home-made instruments, not that you'd know it when faced with this near-stony, unfathomable and slightly chaotic abstraction. More often than not I feel like a small pebble rolling down the side of a glacier as I listen. Some composers in this area can't help but look for natural rhythms as they assemble their found materials, exploiting the natural warp and weft of the sounds like rings inside a tree trunk. Not Pettersen, who seems determined to refuse any sort of structural sense in favour of the random and the organic" (The Sound Projector).

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