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Neofolk 'n' Pop / Folk Rock
Record Label:
Cold Meat Industry

The first offering from this Rome outfit. Originally conceived in 2005, Passione Nera has evolved from a folk-pop creature into a fully-fledged chamber-pop ensemble. The band keeps one watery alcoholic eye fixed on the cinematic tradition, with melodic landscapes that are dusty and melancholy. These scenes are then wrapped up in lush, orchestrated songs with acoustic and electric guitars taking the centre stage, and enhanced by a large array of additional instruments. It is as if the songs were written on the back of 1960s postcards brought back from some imaginary journey into “Americana”, then bred with French-pop, cross-fertilized with baroque-pop, and finally molded into a soundtrack for the broken-hearted, the disenchanted and the misunderstood. Features guest vocals from Simone and Piergiorgio of Spiritual Front. Digipak.

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