SKIN AREA - 'Rothko Field' CD


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Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise
Record Label:
Malignant Records

3rd full length release from this acclaimed Martin Bladh (IRM) project (in conjunction with Magnus Lindh), following two albums on Cold Meat Industry. Like previous works, "Rothko Field" is a visceral auditory experience... mind bending and turbulent sonic explorations that are grainy, abstract and tense, where uneasy frequencies intersect with caustic drones, insectile buzz, swelling drifts, and slow motion, percussion driven sludgery. "Rothko Field" is more structured than in the past, coming off as both spacious and yet suffocatingly claustrophobic, suggestive of a spiral downwards into mental decay and degradation, and further enhanced by Martin's uniquely distressed and provocative vocalizations. 9 tracks in total, broken into two "mirrored parts", with track 5, "Void" acting as the actual mirror itself. Digipak with 24-page booklet.

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