WESTWIND - 'Tourmente I' 2 x LP


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Martial Industrial / Orchestral / Apocalyptic
Record Label:
Steelwork Maschine

The first part of the Tourmente series, dedicated to the victims who perished in Brest during WWII, features percussion and organ based dark martial / apocalyptic music with a fine dynamic in rhythm and mood setting. The music is simplified and restrained which only adds emphasis to the bleak ambience of the subject matter that they are trying to convey. Part life affirming and uplifting and part despondent and depressing, the music twists and turns through so many feelings leaving you breathless with admiration. If you could imagine a more upbeat Protagonist it will give you an idea as to what this DLP sounds like. One black LP, one white LP. Ltd x 500 copies in a gatefold sleeve.

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