YAN JUN - 'Music For Listening On The Moon' CD

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Drone / Experimental
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Kwanyin Records

One hour of continual sound, entwined with the other dim sounds of your room. “Music For Listening On The Moon” is a continuation of “Wormhole Trip OST” (Kwanyin, 2009). "A contemplative album of innerspace travel. The album transcends its humble productions of sinusoidal flutterings of pedal sourced feedback and squiggling aquatic field recordings treated with ring modulation, as Yan seeks a radically different approach to the cosmic listening embarked by the likes of Cluster and Tangerine Dream, whose baroque expansiveness has been subsumed by the vacuum of outerspace, with just those two sources intertwining in an endless mobius strip of silvery drone and pointilist tactility. It sounds more like Steve Roden taking over an Asmus Tietchens album and allowing the electronically treated sounds and tones to organically evolve into a radiant blossom instead of the purposefully cold and sometimes stiff compositions that Tietchens often produces" (Aquarius). Digipak.

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