ZILVERHILL - 'Latent-Active-Descent' CD


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Experimental / Ambient
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These new Zilverhill recordings are informed by both the art of August Natterer (Specifically ‘Axle of the World, with Rabbit’ and the “uncertainty of good fortune” depicted therein) and Lewis Carroll’s ‘Looking Glass’ (Nobody/Somebody). Nixon’s portentous voice and actions are intuitively fractured, reappraised and manipulated to form the spine of the pieces; the desolation of drunkenness and schizophrenia, cold, sarcasm, and distant / past / fleeting recollections provide the flesh. Thus the next idiom in the Zilverhill discourse is borne. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak. The first 250 copies of which come with a hand-numbered postcard.

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