VA - 'Dry Lungs V' 2 x CD


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Industrial / Noise / Experimental
Record Label:
Subterranean Records

Seminal Industrial compilation from 1992, which features contributions from 24 outstanding experimental and industrial artists from Europe, Japan and the US: Arcane Device, Carl Stone, Chris Moriarty, Controlled Bleeding, Cranioclast, Desaccord Majeur, Etant Donnes, Fat Hacker, Hélène Sage & Bernard Vitet, Hijokaidan, Michael Hovacsek, Incapacitants, Joe Papa, KK Null, Masonna, Paul Lemos, PGR, Phallus Dei, Skin Chamber, Solmania, Un Drame Musical Instantané and Violent Onsen Geisha. Compiled and with extensive notes on the artists by Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding), with artwork by Arthur Potter. The packaging includes a large and quite elegantly printed folder inside a 6" by 12.5" (!!) slipcase. Still sealed!

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