FABIO ORSI - 'Von Zeit Zu Zeit - Black' LP


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Drone / Ambient / Krautrock
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This composition was recorded live in Berlin, 2010, edited and mastered by Fabio Orsi in late 2011. Orsi plays synth, guitar and filters and, for once, he just puts aside the warmth of the melodies and the samplings from the endless Alan Lomax archives, so close to the culture of his homeland. This time, he proposes two obscure and cold tracks, comparable to kosmische musik inspired by Berlin. This cold, early darkness turns into an oneiric remembrance, a daydream... The sounds of these two compositions make the listener's mind float in space and, mostly on the second side of the record, the music gets warmer, rarefied and ambient, with a seductive hypnotic power. Ltd x 200 copies on black vinyl with 6 photo inserts.

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