VA - 'Drinking The Goat's Blood' CD


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Experimental / Ambient / IDM
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Focusing on sound design and atmosphere, consider "Drinking The Goat's Blood" experimental, but not in the typical sense of noise, ambient or improvisational music. Rather, it is a series of often disparate elements that have been lovingly arranged and ritualistically hewn into a seamless psychedelic pastiche. The cast: 10-20, Ata Ebtekar, Candle Labra, Claroscent Dray, Column One, Contagious Orgasm, Dalglish, Fluorescent Grey, Jacob Jarnigon, Koyxen (Kouhei Matsunaga), Mike Dunkley, Nommo Ogo, Sean Niesen, Senryl, Tomoroh Hidari, Upside Down Umbrella, Wisp and Wobbly (2 tracks). Digipak.

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