X-NAVI:ET - 'Aqualuna - Alchemical Transformation Through Vision And Sound' CD & DVD

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Dark Ambient / Electro-Acoustic
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X-NAVI: ET is Rafal Iwanski (Hati). "Aqualuna" refers to primordial, organic pictures and sounds connected with the element of water and the Moon. It integrates dreamlike aquatic and lunar pictures which follow in succession, parallel to music composed for the film. To intensify the reception, the authors, among other actions, made an efficient use of the synesthesia effect. The film is kept in the poetics of a dream, it constitutes a symbolic story about transformation. From the darkness, from a bright spot of the Moon - the jellyfish, a woman is born, breathing under water. The woman is dreaming and from her dream emerge oceanic spaces full of deep-sea creatures. In the depths of the ocean or human consciousness the alchemical transformations occur, leading in the final stage to the birth of a new transformed self. The video was created with the use of the following items, materials and devices: diascop, camera, computer, colorful liquids, glass, transparent objects and some pictures discovered elsewhere. Featuring: The woman in the water - Katarzyna Marta Chrzanowska. The soundtrack was composed and recorded with the use of the following instruments and sound sources: analog synthesizer, analog filter machine, digital drummer, spring drums, rattles, cymbals, bells, stones, shells, metal objects, field recordings and electronic effects. 6-panel digipak.

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