JON MUELLER & Z'EV - 'Hydration' LP


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Experimental / Musique Concrete
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Important Records

For years, both Z'EV and Jon Mueller have explored rhythm, both within traditional forms, and singling out specific elements within those forms. For Z''EV, an entire book, called Rhythmmajik, was written about the properties of rhythm. He pursued the quest for rhythmic elements in many things, few of them being actual drums. For Mueller, it''s about what happens with drums in different spaces, and used in different contexts, from improvised collaborations (with Asmus Tietchens among others), to more composed and bombastic work,, to the distorted pop sensibilities of Volcano Choir. "For this project, a variety of snare drums, bass drums, and gongs were resonated by the sounds of other snare drums, bass drums, and gongs, creating a dialog that contains characteristics that are difficult to obtain otherwise. Z''EV''s sensibility to these characteristics brought out even more detail, and I seem to hear new things each time I listen" (Jon Mueller). Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies in a hand-screenprinted cardboard folded sleeve.

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