NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES - 'Your Suffering Will Be Legendary' 2 x CD


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Power Noise / Industrial / Power Electronics
Record Label:
Malignant Records

This is not a return from the grave for NTT (aka Lee Bartow / Theologian), but rather a proper re-issue of the bonus CDR's that came as part of 2009's "Gospels Of The Gash" boxset. Consisting of 18 collaboration tracks and remixes, these two discs boast a track list featuring phenomenal artists both obscure and infamous, who have joined forces with NTT to construct an epic display of undulating drones and visceral screams: Aun, Autoclav1.1, Black Sun, Cenotype, Covet, Deutsch Nepal, Eidulon, Fragment King, Hecate, Herbst9, Inswarm, Jarboe, Kristofer Nyströms Orkester, Prometheus Burning, Steve Moore, The Bird Cage Theatre, The [Law-Rah] Collective, and Troum. Once again, NTT blurs the lines between the brutish intensity of power electronics and introspective dark ambient contemplations. Comes in a luxurious 8-panel DVD Digipak, designed by Jorden Haley.

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