SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - 'Pursuit Of Pleasure' LP (Asia)


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Power Electronics / Experimental
Record Label:
4iB Records

Over 7 tracks, "Pursuit of Pleasure" demonstrates the maturity of Sutcliffe Jugend as an experimental outfit who has redefined themselves through creative manipulation of sound textures. From their progressive redevelopments of careful structured organic elements of audio layers over the decades, this album brings forth the innovative evolution that highlights the creative processes of both Kevin and Paul, departing from the original 80′s power electronics style of harsh noise into progressive post genre movements. This album successfully emphasizes Sutcliffe Jugend’s artistic creativity as visionary musicians through their conscious attempt of reinventing themselves by incorporating new influences and their personal interests to break new ground in the contemporary experimental music scene.

This 'Asia' edition comes on red/gold splatter 180gm vinyl, with a 'yellow' inner sleeve and hand-numbered A3 poster featuring the victims. Ltd x 300 copies in a high quality gatefold sleeve with a numbered album description sticker.

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