BEYOND DAWN - 'The Righteous Underground' 2 x CD


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Avantgarde Metal / Darkwave / Electronic
Record Label:
Purple Soil

This release compiles a huge amount of unreleased Beyond Dawn material, spanning the Norwegians' entire illustrious career - from the "Pity Love" debut and up until and including their last album, "Frysh". Alternative versions / mixes, unreleased songs, demos, live tracks etc, comprising more than two hours of rare, or in most cases never before heard Beyond Dawn material. "There is so much material in the vaults, we could easily have made this a 3 or 4-CD package. But we decided to put only the very best on the physical CD, and compile an appendix of extra material free to download with every purchase". Beyond Dawn have released on great labels such as: Adipocere, Candlelight Records, Misanthropy Records, Eibon Record and Peaceville. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel digisleeve with postcard and bonus download included.

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