TEARS OF OTHILA - 'Way To Traditions' CD

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Acoustic guitars, choirs, percussions, violins, wind instruments and a brass quartet recall a glorious past that tells us of a magical harmony in the relationship between man and nature. Each profound mystery was unveiled and the world's heart throbbed with sacred spirituality. Today, what is usually referred to as "civilization", "society", "evolution" has in fact decreed the end of the concepts of “community” and “culture” thus bringing materialism and appearance to triumph. Tears of Othila digs into myths, stories and legends looking for that "ancient warmth" that speaks to us of our origins and of our traditions. The steps of this journey walk through a path made of acoustic music that has its roots in traditional folk and in neofolk, melt with “classical” elements, medieval music and echoes of 70’s Italian progressive. The precious collaboration of many musicians has enriched the compositions of "Way to traditions", including the participation of Nicholas Tesluk of cult folk band Changes. "Way To Traditions helps the listener to reach regions of quiet amazement, where silence and majesty blend in ancestral harmony.

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