RALF WEHOWKSY & ANLA COURTIS - 'Aesleuch Tendrradero' CD


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Experimental / Noise / Avant-Garde
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Ultra-Mail Prod.

Second joint essay between these artists. Not inevitably “charming” but definitely thought-provoking. The coordinates around which the music travels are not that idiosyncratic, for those who are conversant with Wehowsky’s lines of conduct. Adjectives such as “unventilated”, “ear-clogging”, “unshapely” and “rational” are all parts of a coherent totality defined by semi-disciplined perceptiveness and the usual touch of (apparent) nonsensicalness. Alarming rumbles, angered voices, stretches of complete silence, deranged mosquito frequencies and additional traces of pragmatic manipulation. Ralf Wehowsky: percussion, guitar, electronic treatments, composition; Anla Courtis: percussion, guitar, tapes, electronic treatments. In A5 sleeve.

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