MORS SONAT - 'Comforts In Atrocity' CD


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Black Ambient / Death Industrial
Record Label:
Crucial Blast

Those who explore the more terrifying sounds found at the intersection where black metal, industrial noise, power electronics and black ambience meet surely know the minds behind this collaboration. Featuring Mories (of Gnaw Their Tongues / Aderlating / Cloak Of Altering / De Magia Veterum infamy) and Australian black noise/metal technician Nekrasov, Mors Sonat sounds little like their other projects, crafting a cold, hallucinatory strain of aural dread that draws from a strange mixture of twilight chamber music, ghastly death industrial sounds, harsh electronic noise and gleaming dark ambient, while tapping into the sort of psychic unease and violent chaos that will be familiar to fans of their previous efforts. Fans of the shambling chthonic evil of Mories' other projects and Nekrasov's black-hole visions will find some of these elements in Mors Sonat's sound, but it's tempered by the use of haunting chamber strings, ritualistic ambience and experimental electronics, diffused into a kind of grim otherworldly soundscape all its own. Recommended to fans of everything from Funerary Call and Nordvargr's blackened electronics, Shinjuku Thief's 'Witch Trilogy', and Cold Meat-style death industrial. Six-panel digipak.

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