VIVENZA - 'Veriti Plastici' CD


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"Veriti Plastici", the third work of Vivenza, recorded in 1983, represents a fundamental step in the definitive formalisation of the Bruitist sonorous view. Made of very objective industrial atmospheres, this recording will be the bridge between the pure experimental approach, and the rigorous structuring of the works that would be produced later (Fondements Bruitistes - 1984, Réalités Servomécaniques - 1985, Machines - 1985, etc.). The attentive examination of Bruitism on each machine generating a noise-sound, reveals an organic vision of the industrial and urban network : "the large and fabulous breathing of a sleeping town is so strange, wonderful, fascinating... a breathing only interrupted now and then by the whistle of a train; a breathing which is the result of all different industries (electric power stations, gas factories, train stations, printings, etc.) continuing their activities in the quiet nightlife". 6-panel digipak.

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