YRSEL - 'Abraxas' 2 x 12"


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Doom Metal / Drone
Record Label:
213 Records

"Abraxas" contains some of the bands most challenging and yet accessible music so far. This album is conceived as an annual cycle, a support in four phases for meditation. The union of the polarities is expressed through Abraxas. Light and darkness, creation and destruction, fire and ice, right and left; all such opposites are united in Abraxas, who is both God and Evil in one. The origins of Abraxas are uncertain. But this symbol is deeply rooted in the Gnostic thought. Basilidians heretics saw a solar divinity in It. An emanation, immanent in every being. It became the seal of the Templars and is now an amulet having its meaning lost in ancient days. Features guests: Denis Del Nista (Moon), and Alice Dourlen (Chicaloyoh). Ltd x 500 copies on 180g vinyl, in a luxurious gatefold sleeve.

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