ULVER - 'Live At Roadburn' CD

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Roadburn Records

Early pioneers of Norwegian black metal Ulver have continually evolved over the years to become living legends of the dark music genre. By blending rock, electronic, industrial and symphonic traditions along with ambient soundscapes and experimental sounds, the band has created truly groundbreaking material. Ulver returned with "Childhood’s End", a collection of classic psychedelic tracks recorded by the band during various sessions 2008-2011. This passion for Sixties garage rock and psychedelia and the countless underground gems that remain unknown to many inspired the band to record their own interpretations of some of their favorite songs from the era. Ulver performed the tracks from "Childhood’s End" for the first and only time live at Roadburn 2012. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel digisleeve with bronze print.

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