ZENIAL - 'Chimera' LP


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Experimental / Ambient
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40-minutes of experimental / ambient music. Every vinyl has two sides and here this division is even more evident. Side A gathers 3 compositions: 'Chimera', which was inspired by footage from the 1980s; 'Hästhallen', which was prepared as a sound background for gallery installations; and 'Unclean/Clean', which is a reworked version of a digital bonus to "Connection Reset By Peer". All tracks appear on physical format for the first time. The two tracks on Side B ('Rosora 28' and 'Rosora 28: Wymiar 4/5') are dedicated to Czech scholar Franz Bardon. Rosora refers to an acoustic instrument used in magical practices. The cover is graced by paintings of Wiktor Jackowski. Ltd x 200 copies.

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