I.R.O.N. - 'Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & Upgraded' CD

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Rage In Eden

A completely futuristic atmosphere, combined with explosions of old school industrial power, and now with something totally new to this project - a touch of heavy metal. All of this is there to forge a landscape of a militarized future world, where technology aggressively reigns supreme, and where wars are no more waged flesh to flesh, but steel to steel. "Re-Forge" upgraded some old material (4 tracks), completely recharging it into a new, heavier, more futuristic frame and wrapped into a more progressive and crushing sound. If it was possible to make tracks from "Evolving" even heavier, this release completely nailed it. The other half of the release (5 tracks) is forged out of completely new material, for which a similar story can be applied. Digipak.

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