M AX NOI MACH - 'In The Shadows' LP


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White Denim

Philadelphia native Rob Francisco has finally put together his debut album as M Ax Noi Mach. A notorious live performer, capable of whipping even the most dormant crowd into a frenzy, Francisco has finally managed to capture that intensity on record, with gnarly anthems at his disposal. For the uninitiated, imagine the vitriol of Macronympha with a massive homemade Baltimore Club sound system pumping out thuggish beats. It's not all sheer power though, as M Ax Noi Mach conjures the icy discomfort of Sleep Chamber, German Shepherds and GPJ. Truly a unified statement, 'In the Shadows' is a contemporary noise album unlike any other. Ltd x 406 copies.

** Please note that all copies have 1 bent corner due to careless shipping.

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