CEDRIC DAMBRAIN - 'Subjective Slave' CD


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Noise / Experimental
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Debut album from Cédric Dambrain, known for his previous split on Sub Rosa. "Here he has a CD which comes under the banner of 'computer music / noise / synthscape', although Dambrain also composes for ensembles, solo works and other transdisciplinary collaborations, installations and live performances. The 9 pieces span 43 minutes and are quite a heavy weight, even when it's occasionally not the most loudest thing. This is a totally abstract computer generated sound, which can be loud, which can be noisy, but which can also be deceivingly soft... When it's loud, it's loud and the influence of say Merzbow seems never far away... Quite a fine release, with the noise pieces placed in a rather strategic position" (Vital Weekly). Mastered by Denis Blackham. Ltd x 500 hand-numbered copies in a deep black foil bag, with a 15x15 cm printed visual featuring all the dark secrets your pareidolic visions may shape.

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