RAPOON - 'The Fires Of The Borderlands' 2 x CD


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Ethno-Ambient / Dark Ambient / Ritual
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Rapoon's masterpiece entitled "The Fires Of The Borderlands" is arguably his best known work. Long out-of-print and much sought after, this classic has now received a well-deserved expanded reissue treatment. Evocative ambient sonic textures, generating images of desert lands somewhere in uncharted countries in Africa or Middle East suspended in time. It is a chronicle of those lands which was found buried in the scorching sands. You can almost feel the texture of it in every second of this album which conjures up ghosts of people from those lands with writhing snakes at their feet. Disc 1 is the main album which is mastered from the original tapes, therefore, it sounds significantly better to the 1998 version (Release Entertainment). The bonus disc is a 40-minute live recording for the San Francisco-based radio KFJC which again proves that Robin Storey has mastered the ability to creating haunting sonic atmospheres. Ltd x 500 copies in a double digipak.

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