BOYD RICE & Z'EV - 'Untitled' 12" (CSR105EP) - NO OUTER SLEEVE!!!


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- Cold Spring -

RARE! We have a handful without outer sleeves. Marbled vinyl in heavy PVC sleeve with sticker.

This stunning 12" brings together two long-time San Francisco friends and legends of the Industrial music scene, both active since the late 70s! Boyd Rice is well-known for his project NON and for his collaborations with Death In June, Rose McDowall, and Coil to name but a few. Z'EV is a prolific composer and conceptual artist, who utilises metal percussion and electronics to create mystical rhythmajik - and who is also known for his collaborations with hard-hitters such as Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi, Psychic TV, KK Null, Organum and many more. Two lengthy and exclusive tracks! Ltd x 1000 copies on marbled vinyl. Deleted.

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