1000SCHOEN / AB INTRA - 'Untitled' 2 x CD


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Dark Ambient / Drone
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The split release of drone stalwart 1000Schoen (ex-Maeror Tri) and ambient soundscape sculptor Ab Intra. Drone and ambient structures are places on the opposite poles, like fire and water, or air and earth. The acoustic music of 1000Schoen, created with using only natural sound sources in mind, and the electronic compositions of Ab Intra, complement each other on this release despite many differences. In the four parts of this split album various colours, shades, tones of such soundscapes are presented. The content of the following split release could make up separate albums from both artists, yet they gain another meaning in such a juxtaposition, in changeable atmospheres, building tension and reflections. It is a unique record, a rare one in the scene. The album boasts two separate front covers painted by the artists themselves. Ltd x 400 copies in an outsized mini-LP sleeve.

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