TROUM - 'Dreaming Muzak' CD


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Drone / Ambient
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"Dreaming Muzak" was the first full-length material of Troum, originally released on tape in 1998 (Ltd 100, Cling Film-Records) and later re-released on a limited CDR (Ltd 100, Kokeshidisk) in 2005. This edition is the first one on CD-proper. "Dreaming Muzak" is composed of 2 drone ambient compositions so characteristic of the Troum style. They were created as a muzak tuning our brainwaves into the proper dreaming stadium. "Dreaming Muzak" that constitutes an excellent introduction to the adventures with Troum and their music. The cover design is based on the artwork of Wiktor Jackowski. The material has been thoroughly remastered. Ltd x 350 copies in a 6-panel digipak.

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