THEME - 'No Emotions Catered For' LP


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Experimental / Post-Rock
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Theme is Richard Johnson (Splintered, Husk) and Stuart Carter (Splintered, The Fields Of Hay), with a revolving membership. On "No Emotions Catered For", Theme’s fifth album, the improv rock of the collaborative work and the rich atmospherics of before give way to something that, whilst still drawing from these realms, is more disposed to organic electronics, cut-ups, live instruments, loops and, once again, often equally cut-up vocals that play with words as much as concepts and vague ideas. Comprising six cuts that have been worked on for over two years, this album sees Theme devoting themselves to movement and change, or the overt idea of never wishing to stay in one place. Uneasy and restless, yet still remaining hypnotic and charged with a hint of psychedelic terror, it can draw you in to a world that is Theme’s most fully realised yet. Features guests: Zsolt Sores, Hayden Berry, Olga Drenad, Lukasz Kozak, Ian Darlinson. Artwork by Karen Constance (Blood Stereo). Ltd x 250 copies with digital download code.

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