T.A.C. - 'Ouvrez Voz Auditifs Canaux' CD


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Officina Fonografica Italiana

For their third album, originally released by Azteco Records in 1985, T.A.C. had grown to a six-headed band, featuring a very peculiar sound on the verge of haunting minimalist structures and contemporary classical, scattered with electronic incursions of polluted radio frequencies and background buzzes. Their unorthodox path interbreeds post-industrial, musique concrète techniques, electronics and tape manipulation. This new and carefully remastered edition presents for the first time three unreleased tracks recorded during the album sessions that shed light on how the whole album is all about permutation and chance procedures. T.A.C.'s complex and meandering approach gives birth to unexpected deconstructed pieces, sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes light and whimsical, always compelling. Digipak.

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