CLOAK OF ALTERING - 'Plague Beasts' CD


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Black Metal / Industrial / Experimental
Record Label:
Crucial Blast

Although most will know Dutch avant-metal madman Mories for his notorious blackened industrial/orchestral doom outfit Gnaw Their Tongues, he's also been involved with a number of projects that one could describe as being rooted in a much more recognisable "black metal" sound. One of them is Cloak Of Altering. Previous albums explored Mories's fascination with early symphonic black metal (ala Emperor, Arcturus), as well as the more fiendish and fractured forms of industrial black metal. With this third album, Mories delivers a ferocious affront to black metal form and structure, combining his otherworldly strain of sweeping symphonic black metal with bursts of intense electronic chaos, waves of nebulous synthesizer and rhythmic violence. Comes in a 6-panel digipack featuring eye-melting artwork by Mories.

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