BARREN HARVEST - 'Beautiful Flowers' 3 x 7" Set


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Ethereal / Dark-Folk
Record Label:
Black Horizons

Brooding, minimal, and dark yet beautiful songs from the duo of Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros) and Lenny Smith (Atriarch), here with 6 tracks, one for each side, of their earliest recordings. Delicate and sorrowful vocals, ominous synth and exquisite guitar. Flower art by Lorraine Rath (Worm Ouroboros) and owl photography by Myles Donovan (Disemballerina). "Skeletal, minimal, bare bones, hushed and intimate, delicate piano, moaning strings, darkly crooned male and female vocals, harrowing harmonies, almost liturgical at times, the sound a sort of neo-folk torch song, haunting, elegiac threnodies that seem to be emanating from those dark woods, or seem to be crooned by those robed figures surrounding that crumbling altar amidst the brambles by the seaside, the vibe windswept and overcast, grey, otherworldly and mysterious" (Aquarius). Ltd x 233 copies on black vinyl, with silver ink on black linen stock. Each 7" comes in it's own inner sleeve with an insert, and there is a drop card of the owl art. Two slips make up the exterior.

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