TROUM - 'Mare Morphosis' CD


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Drone / Dark Ambient
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The third and final part of Troum's 'Power Romantic' trilogy that started in 2010. The basic materials and arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013. "Mare Morphosis" stands out in the history of Troum studio albums as their most symphonic, refined and orchestral effort so far. "Mare Morphosis" gives Troum’s music a new dimension, reflecting ancient waves, amplifying the power of Sehnsucht, drumming the drowning heart. That sea of sound, of profound melancholic drones and waves gets its monument with the Power Romantic trilogy in which Troum show their skill in harmony, melody and rhythms. The oceanic feeling is fueled by new movements, like a storm upon and under the fluid. Ltd x 1000 copies in an 8-panel digipak.

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