1000SCHOEN - 'Yoshiwara' 2 x CD


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Dark Ambient
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Reissue of a very limited CDR from 2007 (Kafue Systems). Esoteric realism is a good description for 1000schoen's works (aka Helge Siehl, ex-Maeror Tri). "Yoshiwara" is no exception. The title should be familiar for those who know Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" by (it was the nightclub where the main character Maria was working as the dancer). But it's also the name of the red light district in 17th century Tokyo. The music is an ambient symphony, with melodies dwelling somewhere on the edge of harmonic spheres. Both in short and long tracks, the impact is incredible - for the fans of experimental ambient sounds, it's another adventurous listening experience. Ltd x 500 copies in a digisleeve with two bonus, previously unreleased tracks.

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