OBSCENE NOISE KORPORATION - 'Primitive Terror Action / The Rape Of The Blue Planet' 2 x CD

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Industrial / Noise
Record Label:
Malignant Records

If Negru Voda is the bastard step child of Megaptera, then O.N.K. is the brutish, backwoods cousin with an insatiable thirst for schadenfreude. Pure industrial sounds and cold mechanized rhythms from the blackened heart of the legendary Peter Nystrom, this sprawling 2CD collects every recording ever done under the O.N.K. moniker. Disc 1: Primitive Action LP, comp tracks, demo tracks and otherwise unreleased material). Disc 2 are all new recordings from 2013-2014. Expect the rawest and most primitive of factory sounds and analogue terror - saturated frequencies and pulsating chunks of distortion drenched monstrosities. Guest vocals (and layout) from J. Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses. 8-panel digipak.

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