CAGES - 'Vivipary' LP


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Post-Rock / Experimental
Record Label:
Black Dots

Cages has existed in one form or another for a decade, growing into a cohesive and undefinable act. Cold Spring reissued their debut album "Folding Space" back in 2009. “Avant-garde post-noise” or “experimental neofolk:” we're not so sure. In lieu of descriptive precision, this is music not to be classified or pigeon-holed. Members David Bailey and Nola Ranallo have served time in a wide array of bands in the Western New York underground music scene, but none of them quite compare to their work in Cages. Recorded in 2012 and lying dormant until now, "Vivipary" is as instrumentally alluring as it is aggressive, vocally haunting, and engaging. This record is an all-consuming listening experience. Ltd x 200 copies on black vinyl.

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