K2 / ALLAN ZANE - 'K2 / Allan Zane' LP


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Japanese Noise / Industrial
Record Label:
Attenuation Circuit

Each 21-minute side of this trans-Pacific noise album is dedicated to an artist from Japan and California, respectively. While certainly harsh, the music of K2 and Allan Zane offers a great richness of detail, which makes it less of a harsh noise wall than a noise mosaic. Each artist offers a different take on what it means to make noise: while Japanoise guru K2 maxes out anything there is on his electronic equipment, Allan Zane takes to his power tools. K2 credits junk electronics as sound sources, next to the legendary TR-808 drum machine, used here for something decidedly un-pop and undanceable. After all, isn’t noise about destroying the official signal and creating something from the remains? Zane uses metal objects, power tools, effects devices, and overdrive on the recording, creating a piece that does not sound simply like ‘destroyed music’ as the title claims, but quite psychedelic in its textural, ambient quality. Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies.

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