YANNICK DAUBY - 'Vescagne, Salèse' CD

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A two-part album (just under 50 minutes) from Yannick Dauby. Part 1 - 'Lignite' - also called Brown Coal, this mineral was extracted in the mine of Vescagne, located near Vence, until 1953. Recordings: Bézaudun-les-Alpes, France, January 9th 2014. Part 2 - 'Caïre Archas' - the toponym of this mount, located in the Mercantour area, relates to its shape: steep and protruding. But aren't mountains all analogue? Recordings: Col de Salèse, January 15th 2014. "...based on field recordings, but beyond so much than just field recordings. Very imaginative works" (Vital Weekly). Ltd x 250 hand-numbered copies in an outsized PVC sleeve.

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