OF EARTH AND SUN - 'Uncoiled' CD

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Ritual / Drone / Esoteric
Record Label:
Malignant Records

Of Earth And Sun is the project of Denver based Matthew Hunzeker, who skillfully utilises a variety of both organic and electronic instrumentation ranging from bone trumpets, vocals, oscillators, and drum machines to create impressive soundscapes of heavily ritualistic inspired drones and intoxicating, near cataclysmic invocations. At first, the tracks seem monolithic and almost overpoweringly dense, but repeated listens reveal them to be intensely hypnotic and mesmerising, often times starting with singular, elongated vocalisations or slow motion thrums that rapidly blossom into a cascade of swarming drones and thumping pulsations. OEAS falls somewhere between the visceral, immersive nature of Theologian and the meditative, organic darkness of Halo Manash. Digipak.

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