HAL HUTCHINSON - 'Wreckage Installations & Metalworks' CD

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Industrial / Noise
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Crucial Blast

The dense, brutally forceful metalscapes this UK noisemaker (also of Pollutive Static) crafts follow a tradition of metal manipulation previously examined by Japanese noisician K2 and Canadian artist Knurl, but Hutchinson employs a unique approach to assembling and layering his recordings of chains, pipes, sheet metal, metal barrels, and other metallic objects being smashed and dragged and beaten. A cacophony of skull-scraping clatter is transformed into something far more complex, as his "Factory" method blends these sounds together into a strangely structured colossus of entropic industrial pandemonium. Seven immense noisescapes and blasts of orchestrated machine-shop annihilation. Ltd x 400 copies in a DVD case including a booklet with liner notes, and a set of six double-sided black-and-white photo prints.

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