DEISON & MATTEO UGGERI - 'In The Other House' LP


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Electro-Acoustic / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Old Bicycle Records

The album is intended to be a auditory portrait of an imaginary house and the presences within it, room by room. This strangely beautiful work is easily one of my favourite dark-ambient themed releases of the year. What is truly remarkable is that the pair never actually physically met in the process of recording the album. Deison and Uggeri have stumbled upon a style similar to the "acoustic doom" of Erik Skodvin's Svarte Greiner, an approach to creating dark ambient sounds that organically stirs powerful emotions in the listener precisely because it is not static or weighed-down - rather, it is defined by the frenetic passage of acoustic details over a steadily ebbing electronic drone. As with much electro-acoustic music, the super-realist sonic clash at the heart of the work carries us deep into the realm of the psychological. Whichever room's buried secrets recall the imagery of your dreams, In the Other House comes highly recommended to those on the lookout for highly imaginative and organically beautiful dark ambient" (Foreign Accents). Ltd x 250 copies.

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