IF, BWANA - 'Thirty' 3 x CD


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Pogus Productions

Originally released as a 3 CDR set (Inyrdisk) to commemorate 30 years of If, Bwana, and now available on CD proper, this triple disc gracefully spans 3 and 1/4 hours of riveting musique concrète and refined experimentation from Al Margolis. These recent recordings come to you re-mastered and repackaged from the self-released tapes sold in a nearly invisible edition during a brief tour, sub-titled within Thirty as Blue Two, Green Three and Yellow Four. "Thirty" champions haunting long-form, dense drone compositions and forges ahead with new sonic focus into the infinite worlds found within bassoons and voices. Contemporary work at its deepest, and a must for any If, Bwana fan. Outsized foldout cover.

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