Z'EV & KARL J. PALOUCEK - 'Cities & Rails' CD


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Industrial / Experimental
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Latest Flame

A highly percussive collaboration between Industrial pioneer Z'EV and Chicago-based sound artist Karl J. Paloucek. "Cities & Rails" finds both working in metal percussion and reworking each other's results. The disc's first piece, "Rail", has Paloucek building up a ringing edifice of tension out of simple metal materials, rhythm and dissonance. Z'EV, in his own inimitable way, employed his considerable talents as an electronic composer to take this piece and rework it three times, each time extracting fine textures and sonorities out of the source material that lay buried well beneath the surface. "Three Cities" turns the legendary solo percussionist Z’EV into an ensemble experience. Working with three performances recorded in Cagliari, Italy, Reykjavik, Iceland, and Poland, Paloucek exploited the consistency of Z’EV's innate natural rhythm to create a wholly new work that resonates with the brilliance of Z’EV's catacoustical events while offering the opportunity to experience expanded dimensions of his particular genius through judiciously sculpted polyrhythms. Mastered by James Plotkin. Digisleeve.

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