TROUM - 'Acouasme' CD (CSR213CD)

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Drone / Industrial
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

After the much praised collaboration with RAISON D’ETRE released summer 2015 (“De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu”) and the final volume of the ‘Power Romantic’ trilogy with “Mare Morphosis” in late 2013, “Acouasme” is the first full length album from TROUM in over 2 years. With this album, TROUM wanted to go in a completely different direction, creating a ‘harsher’ and more ‘Industrial’ sounding album as a contrast to previous releases. But through the trademark troumatic machining, the final result doesn’t sound at all like standard harsh noise – it’s rather industrial noise as if filtered through a feverish dream, through a deranged perception. The six long tracks of pestering transrational drones on “Acouasme” sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality.

"The universe of Troum remains an inspiring sonic world where they move from intriguing sound labyrinths towards ghost noises and ritual passages. The ambient atmosphere injects a kind of desperate feeling leading into nihilism and the darkest, imaginable visions in life... There’s a fascinating crescendo-like writing explaining the long during tracks featured at this work." (8/10, Side-Line)

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