RAPOON - 'Tin Of Drum' 2 x CD


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Ethno-Ambient / Experimental
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"Tin Of Drum" was originally released in 1998 by Staalplaat. It is the culmination of years of flirtation and preparation. This CD is as deep and as dark as it gets. The atmospheres are bleak and hopeless. There are moments of brief respite when the spirit lifts up to merely evil. The sound is huge, enveloping and elegant, performed with a mastery on the level with the best of its kind. Beautifully hypnotic, mysterious, and insidiously compelling. If, indeed, there is a hell in the afterlife, Robin Storey (Zoviet France) has created the soundtrack. The second disc is about the unchanging deserts from Storey's trip to USA, where he found that original Tin Of Drum. Ltd x 450 copies in a 6-panel digipak.

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