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Dark Ambient / Experimental
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Loki Foundation

In 2005 Massimo Magrini was invited to provide a soundtrack for the M3M art exhibition in Pisa, Italy. The exhibition was based around images of the seaside and river estuary of Pisana area with CMASA airplane factory built there in it's centre. The marvellous seaside scenery mixed with vintage industrial locations, created an unexpected but amazing, nostalgic mood. To sculpture a soundtrack of this scenery Magrini also added treated piano, snippets of acoustic guitars, water sounds and metal samples. This may sound unusual for a BAD SECTOR release but all those new elements are perfectly blended into massive and ambient soundwaves, making CMASA probably the most emotional album of Massimo Magrini to date. All initial exhibition sounds where regenerated, remastered and re-assembled during 2007-2009. Digipak.

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