NORDVARGR / DRAKH - 'The Betrayal Of Light' CD


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Black Ambient
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MZ. 412 behemoths Nordvargr (Pouppee Fabriek, Folkstorm, Toroidh, All Hail The Transcending Ghost, Goatvargr etc) and Drakh (Beyond Sensory Experience, Al-Wahaar Dhin) have some dark chemistry together, weaving elaborate worlds of black sound. "The Betrayal Of Light" is one massive sonic event, a black cloud of sound, separated into movements. Slow, beautiful crawling dirges, furious black metal-style riffs, meditative guitarscapes, oscillating industrial detritus, drifting ghostlike voices, and ominous creeping drones. A harrowing journey through the dark woods, through a warren of underground passages, through a vast wasteland of barren frost and black sun. An intense and overwhelming sonic journey, as heavy and brutal as it is delicate and beautiful. Doomy and blackened, dense and devastating. Digipak

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