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Dark Ambient / Ritual
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- Cold Spring -

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is the colossus behind the world renowned acts Pouppée Fabrikk and MZ. 412.

Combine the ritual aspects of MZ. 412 and the darkest ambience from Nordvargr, with vocal materials and a rising spiritual awakening, and you get Anima Nostra - a collaboration between Margaux Renaudin and Henrik N Björkk that marks a new era in the vast cannon of the latter and as well as the former. Anima Nostra is also a visual experience, with artwork that will guide the open mind into deeper understanding. The album features guest vocals recorded inside the sacred Sneferu pyramid in Cairo. Included is an alternate version of MZ. 412's 'Mourning Star'; an even more ominous behemoth than the original, this track perfectly complements the rhythmical structures contained in the album. A remarkable synchronization of minds. Comes in a magnificent, metallic-print adorned 6-panel digipak, with 8-page booklet, containing stunning alchemical artwork throughout by Renaudin.

"Anima Nostra turns out to be quite a spiritual ritual, an ominous and asphyxiating journey through hidden dimensions of abyssal obscurity... every composition on this recording tells a tale of Old, of untold rituals and magic, of ancient belief and archaic mysteries." (95/100, Concrete Web)

"The industrial components mixed with dark-ambient sound treatments is absolutely remarkable and efficient. It reveals a cool retro-style, which is empowered by some percussion passages... I only have good comments for this work... This is the right sound to create a haunting night." (8/10, Side-Line)

"una fórmula perfecta que bascula de forma equilibrada distintos aspectos de la música oscura experimental, como el dark ambient, ritual y el martial. “Anima Nostra” recoge ocho impactantes cortes colmados de oscuridad y tensión en los que se combinan percusiones rítmicas, drones, distorsiones, voces cavernosas, cantos de féminas, y, sobre todo, mucha tensión de principio a fin... “Anima Nostra” forma parte del listado de discos indispensables que todo seguidor del dark ambient debe tener en su estantería." (10/10, Mentenebre)

"an evocative constructed soundscape... sometimes the music is able to match the remarkable beauty of the artwork and is a reminder on the importance of writing. Recommended..."  (4/5, Chain D.L.K.)

"Anima Nostra" birgt vor allem eins- Dunkelheit, die es zu durchschreiten gilt. Dies gelingt nicht unbedingt auf Anhieb, wobei sich das aber beim zweiten Durchlauf schnell ändert. Fragmente stechen hervor und die schummrige Aura baut unaufhaltsam ihren Mantel auf, der den Geist fesselt und lediglich schaurige Visionen am Leben hält." (7.8/Raben Report)

"Apart from being one of the strongest examples of ritual and neo-classical tinged dark ambient in recent memory (as well as being the closest Nordvargr has come to date in emulating the sound of MZ.412), the 6 panel digipack and 8 pages cover insert are also worthy of individual mention... stunning" (Noise Receptor)

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