PEINEMANN & TIETCHENS - 'Harvestehude' 2 x CD

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Experimental / Industrial
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After more than 10 years of enthusiastic experiences and encounters with so-called "Difficult Music" throughout the 80's Martin Peinemann and Asmus Tietchens agreed upon a loose collaboration in 1992, taking place at Peinemann's home studio. "Harvestehude" consists of 2 separate recording sessions: "Hochallee" and "Klosterallee". For 'Hochallee' Peinemann and Tietchens set themselves no definite deadline, working in an atmosphere of relaxation. By 1996 Peinemann and Tietchens had amassed a series of pieces they considered to be complete. "Klosterallee" was realised under completely different circumstances. In the years gone by since their last work Peinemann had deeply immersed himself into the field of extreme digital sound manipulation. From this collection of sound structures Tietchens used source recordings for further treatments, executed alone over a period of three months. Peinemann then authorised the final results. Ltd x 500 copies with individually printed sleeves inside a carton slipcase.

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